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Aug 18, 2009 5:00am EDT
. an open letter was sent to pharma. drugmakers have pledged billions of dollars to the overhaul. they are trying to get a reform measure passed. one representative of burgess pharma to join republicans. in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> crews are working to clean up an oil spill on the 7 sysco bay. -- san francisco bay. >> dozen other dead. the details are next. >> here is a live look of traffic. we will have an update on weather and traffic when we com♪ the art of getting dirty. the art of getting clean. new powerfully formulated wisk®... is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced. >> good morning. a few clouds outside. get ready for a very hot and humid day. if you like the weather from yesterday, then you will like today's weather. a sticky look at our satellite picture. if you counts -- clouds coming in. 76 degrees downtown. 71 degrees in ocean city. waking up to temperatures in the midst of the's. -- mid 70's. some scattered showers and thunderstorms. we will talk about the rest of the thunderstorms we expect tomorrow.
Aug 31, 2009 11:00am EDT
experimental drugs at an alarming rate. we have the details and what it means for big pharma coming up only here on "the call." as i get older, i'm making changes to support my metabolism. i'm more active, i eat right, and i switched to new one a day women's active metabolism. a complete women's multivitamin plus more for metabolism support. and that's a change i feel good about. new from one a day. >>> welcome back to "the call," everyone. here we are, august 31st, on this monday morning we are down 83 points despite a wave of merger activity that we're seeing in the market today. some he h >> a second wave of foreclosures on the way. banks that have been holding on to foreclosed properties are getting ready to release them back to the market. >> reporter: you're right. we hear about it every time we talk about how the recovery, that is this new wave of foreclosures coming down the pipe. bank of america admits as a result of the new government modification program our foreclosure sales in recent months have been as little as half the normal pace we experienced before. now that making home
Aug 18, 2009 12:00pm EDT
. house majority -- house minority leader john boehner sent a letter highlighting the deal with pharma. drug makers have promised $80 million for the overhaul, with much of it for advertising. in the letter, john boehner urges pharma to join republicans to oppose government-run health care. >> some leaders like the idea of turning downtown baltimore into a grand prix race track. in information about the deadly collision into the hudson river. and john purdue from valley view farms is here to answer the plant and gardening questions. e-mail them to at >> federal officials have changed a key point of their investigation into a deadly medical collision over the hudson river. previously, the ntsb said that an air traffic controllers failed to warn the plane of aircraft in its path. now they say that while the controller failed to pass the one, the helicopter was not one of the aircraft on the radar. officials continue to investigate. nine people were killed in that accident. >>> aig could be paying its new ceo more than $10 million a year. in a filing with the se
Aug 3, 2009 8:00pm EDT
, hospital, and pharma industries. special comment ahead. first the best persons in the world. "dateline" the newseum in washington, d.c., number three best wheels coming off michelle malkin saying if you put enough cheese in front of people they'll just keep eating it which explains why america never has grown tired of cheap cheese and why it's totally led to nobody wanting to strive or excel for three decades. it started when reagan was president? if you're going to insult president reagan i have to ask you to step outside. "dateline" the air national guard base, long island, new york. number two best proof that watching crazy man on tv will make you crazy. nancy genovese was arrested while illegally photographing the base. she was armed with an assault rifle, shotgun, 500 rounds of ammunition. she was hysterical and falling to the ground. she decided the base was a secret fema detention camp. you know where she got that idea? from glenn beck. she says so on her my space page. but he's just an entertainer. dateline the parallel glenn beck universe. number one best illusion glenn beck.
Aug 13, 2009 1:00pm EDT
's concerns are and take them on head-on. >> i just have one more question, i'm sorry. the pharma deal. there's been some confusion, i think, about what exactly the white house has agreed to with big pharma, what they've not agreed to. can you clarify what it is exactly the white house signed off on, whether or not you feel that the senate finance committee and senator baucus were up front with you guys about what he agreed to? and also do you think this was done, whatever deal this was, was this done that was done within the transparency that then candidate obama promised? >> we had a deal -- let me take the last part of that. i think a question a few days ago, something similar to this, which was, we discussed bringing people to the table. we discussed making sure that stakeholders that are involved in health care are part of an agreement. look, you can't -- you're not going to get health care legislation without involving the hospitals, without involving those that provide medications, without talking to groups that represent doctors or patients or seniors, nurses, what have you. and we've
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Aug 20, 2009 6:00am EDT
has pointed out axelrod is in no way profiting from it at the same time pharma is funding this to the tune of $224 million. axelrod's former company is placing millions of dollars worth of these ads on television and radio and stuff like that while at the same time apparently the white house struck a deal with big pharma behind closed doors so that. >> that's right. steve: essentially they guaranteed big pharma wouldn't be affected really adversely by any change in the health care. >> yeah. that's right. and the bottom line here is, that you have to ask who the corporate are. somebody needs to ask robert gibbs if is he going to question the motives of the obama administration officials who have been funded with this big pharma money. steve: yeah, that's going to happen. >> yeah, i know. and then the follow-up question, of course, is what is he going to do now? is david axelrod going to have a redo you feel oar disclosure policy from now on when he appears on all of the tv shows to chauffeur this plan? because, look, if the obama administration itself that promised the most
Aug 14, 2009 2:00pm EDT
with rationing care or death panels or anything like that. >> one more quick question. the deal with pharma, the drug companies on reducing their costs. is that open to more discussion on things like negotiating drug prices or is that a settled issue? >> what the pharma deal is about is getting medicare beneficiaries to hit that donut hole. it's giving them a discount and reducing medicare and other spending on drugs. it was $80 billion to be contributed for saving money toward health care reform. >> drug prices -- still an open issue? >> both we and pharma agreed that wasn't a subject we'd discuss. >> thanks so much. >>> and coming up, paul krugman tells us why he thinks a lot of the recent criticism for president obama actually has nothing to do with the president's performance in office. >>> and later. destination, china. why a lot of resent college graduates are heading to the far east for their first job. whe. ...or if you're already sick... ...or if you lose your job. your health insurance shouldn't either. so let's fix health care. if everyone's covered, we can make health care as af
Aug 10, 2009 3:00pm EDT
in touch with pharma which is the lobbying arm of the drug manufacturers. by the way, the biggest donor of campaign cash in all of american politics, pharma, by the way, is run by this guy. that's the well-connected former member of congress who left politics for lobbying. the same man singled out in this ad by yes, presidential candidate, barack obama. >> the pharmaceutical industry wrote into the prescription drug plan that medicare could not negotiate with drug companies and you know what, the chairman of the committee who pushed the law through went to work for the pharmaceutical industry making $2 million a year. imagine that. that's an example of the same old game playing in washington. i don't want to learn how to play the game better. i want to put an end to the game plan. >> who was the presidential candidate speaking to there? billy towson, the man candidate obama was just talking about. he gets invited to the white house recently. he agrees last month to $80 billion in drug cost savings over the next ten years. $80 billion. sounds pretty good, right? but guess what? congressi
FOX News
Aug 14, 2009 6:00am EDT
. robert gibbs was asked about it yesterday. he said ok you have got big pharma on board what did you promise them? he wouldn't say. brian: he changed his tune. he didn't want to get directly caught saying this is not true. steve: what did the hospitals get to cooperate? what did the drugmakers get to cooperate? we don't know. at one point he said some of that stuff is on the committee web sites. the huffington post looked and there was nothing on the web site. alisyn: this brings up a couple of issues. one is you will remember during the campaign barack obama then candidate obama said that his white house was going to be transparent. so people are angry because there were meetings on july 7th between the farm siewft calls and top executives at hospitals and those seem to be somewhat shrouded in secrecy because sometimes the guest lists of names was not released. in t. later was released at the behest of the a.p. that did a frequent information act request. and what did they talk about? it hasn't exactly been clear? but to get the 80 billion-dollar agreement from the pharmaceutical co
Aug 18, 2009 6:00am EDT
to pharma. drugmakers have pledged billions of dollars to the overhaul. they are trying to get a reform measure passed. one representative of burgess pharma to join republicans. in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> coming up, some troubling news for people hoping to get a vaccine for the swine flu this fall. that story's coming up. >> the waters around for are turning up some dangerous weather. we will have some of the latest on that. >> and lots of cash is being traded for this car. it is not a clever. it is the world's most expensive car. we will tell you how much it sold for when we come back. >> another hot and humid day is ahead of us. we will what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. >> good morning. 76 degrees. humidity in the atmosphere. it will be a sticky start our day. the she did humi
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Aug 13, 2009 1:00pm EDT
head on. >> the pharma deal, there's been confusion about what exactly the white house has agreed to and what they have not agreed to. can you clarify exactly what it is that the white house signed off on, whether you feel that the senate finance committee and senator baucus were up front with you guys about what he agreed to? was this done in keeping with the transparency and that candidate obama promised? >> let me take the last part of that. i think the question a few days ago was, we discussed bringing people to the table. we discussed making sure that polling involved in health care is part of an agreement. you are not going to get health care legislation without involving hospitals, without involving those who provide medication, without talking to groups that represent doctors or patients or seniors, nurses, what have you. we have talked a little bit about the foreman deal. -- about the pharma deal. they agreed to $80 billion in costs -- $80 billion in cost savings. it will fill the doughnut hole for seniors as part of medicare part d, which at a certain point, coverage for
Aug 11, 2009 6:00am EDT
problem. you know, if you've got a deal with pharma and the hospital and the ama, you're not going to touch them, how are you going to save money? the answer s the patient, i think, and that's with people are concluding. >> "the journal" today says the health debate is not about the health care plan it's about people worrying the government is too big. even if this is cheap to do, don't you think americans would bristle at it in. >> i think that's the problem in the town has, no question about it. inside the beltway debate is how do we pay for it? long-time observers of this, "the washington post," for example s commenting very strongly that someone's got to pay. look, first week of ec 10 at harvard you have to learn to ration, by price, by cueing. not rationing at all does not work. we have so to find some way. >> do you think the so-called deals that have been cut with pharmaceutical, with the hospital association, with the doctors, are those going to be deals that eventually are reneged on because you can't take have cost from the patient? >> well, the house has already said the
Aug 31, 2009 5:00pm EDT
on to the next trade, talking the tape today. pharma stocks among the dow's few gainers today, of course this after the sell-off on friday. bristol-myers, j&j, astrazeneca closing higher. pete, astrazeneca had some pretty good news. >> they were at a society of cardiologists in barcelona, positive phase 3 results. a drug bigger than plavix. that gave them a boost. when you start to dig deeper in some of these pharma names, you start to get back to not just defense, p/ewise most of them have great dividend yields, and astrazeneca, 140 different drugs presently in their pipeline from the beginning of the trial all the way to phase 3. an incredible number of stocks -- or excuse me, drugs right now going onto the market. this is a stock that has plenty of up side even hoe it was 40 and closed at -- >> for a long time we've been saying j&j deserves a higher valuation and "business week" had an article that said just that, because of their balance sheet. j&j, great dividend. i love j&j. again, they said the intrinsic value for the stock is like 96 a year share. i'm not so sure about that but t
Aug 17, 2009 5:00pm EDT
into smaller pieces. what could this breakthrough mean for king pharma's future in the future of the industry? here with a first is king pharma ceo brian markson. >> great to be here. >> a lot of analysts have said the stock has run up in the anticipation of the drug. and one analyst said the launch is going to be very important. you'll have to exceed expectations.. one estimate is $300 million in 2012. does that sound about right? or is that conservative? >> well, hopefully it's a little bit conservative.. we think it's a great product, obviously, with a lot of safety features built into it, and we think it heralds a new age for pain medications. hopefully we'll do better than that. i'd rather underpromise than overdeliver. >> this is actually part of the pharma deal. let's talk about your pipeline going forward.d. i think that's important. >> right, we have a couple of great projects in the pipeline, one is called a accuroc. and perhaps one after that remocy. again, slightly different technology, complements embeda, and we have said publicly that we plan to resubmit the new drug application
FOX News
Aug 14, 2009 6:00pm EDT
an an pharmaceutical industry trade group known as pharma. it said the white house would bargain for lower drug prices and in return the industry would cut $80 billion in projected costs to senior citizens an taxpayers over ten years. the white house aides say the memo did not reflect the agreement with the drug companies. >> i'm reissuing the denial that i think is the story you are referring to on our behalf and on pharma's behalf. >> meanwhile, pharma is part of a group spending $12 million uning this ad defining what it believes healthcare will mean. >> focus on preventing illness before it strikes. so what does health insurance reform really mean? quality, affordable care you can count on. >> on the other side, the pro business chamber of commerce is running this ad saying reform will mean big tax increases even on health benefits. >> inflated taxes, swelling deficits an expanded government control over your health. tell congress let's slow down and reform healthcare the right way. >> >> as the battle over healthcare reform continues, pennsylvania democratic congressman john murtha told a radio s
Aug 14, 2009 5:00pm EDT
make with pharma? what is pharma getting? what are we going to see that pharma gets and he said, well, look, it's going to be incorporated into the senate finance committee bill. well, what does that mean? it means that's the white house bill, lawrence. none of these other bills are going to be the white house bill. what max baucus is writing and the white house knows every word that max baucus is writing, that's going to be the bill, that's what they're going to sell. and i think you're right, that's why he was out here doing a little family vacation at the same time, but he's out here to send a message, not just to max baucus but actually the other four committee chairs by saying, look, max is writing the bill. >> you know, chuck, there's an old joke in washington, very old joke in washington that says, the definition of a quorum is the president of the united states and the chairman of the finance committee. they together can get anything done and having worked on the finance committee myself years ago i've always been predicting it comes down to this committee and really what bauc
Aug 7, 2009 11:30pm EDT
successful antibiotic launch in recent history. shares of this pharma name got an extra injection this week after unusually high call volumes. who is it? the answer when "options action" returns. (announcer) crest whitestrips has created a revolutionary strip... it sticks to your teeth so well... you can even drink water with it on. crest whitestrips advanced seal. get a dramatically whiter smile... while you do just about anything. satisfaction guaranteed. >>> call volume today was 16 times its normal level. >>> time for the up side call where we manage some of our more successful trades in a shameless attempt to curry favor with the big wigs here at our parent company. both dan and mike suggested bullish options strategies on general electric stock. the stock has been on fire, but as the options trade that truly paid off. on options action, we're always looking to put the odds in your favor. but sometimes we can't help putting on the risk if only to try to make more. case in point, dan's ge strangle. >> i want to buy the august 10 and 11 strangle. >> reporter: when they buy strangles, the
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Aug 15, 2009 11:00am EDT
. incentives pharma industry got those i think they are happen. david: will it be good or bad for us? >> it would be terrible for us. this is as stupid as the arrest of obama care. schering-plough just came to market with an antisigh cot tk drug. it --ant psychotic drug. if they thought the patent life would be short they wouldn't have paid $16 billion for the company and the company wouldn't have developed it knowing no big drug marketer would pay $16 billion for it. david: they patent lot of moan out in terms of developing the drugs. they want that money to be paid off in terms of the price. >> boo hoo hoo. i'm crying for the drug companies. a patent is a licensed monopoly, a license to rape and pillage your customers. that is what they often do. the patent period is 20 years. a certain amount of that is used for research and development. what i say is shorten the patent period to get cheap drugs on the market and in exchange we guarantee a certain period. 10 years or whatever in which the patent will be in effect. they get a guarantee and we get cheaper drugs. david: they are rapi
Aug 12, 2009 5:00pm EDT
? >> it went up a whole three cents. not even the relatively influential pharma analyst at deutsche bank could move this needing today. she put out a note saying i think they're going to raise their dividend again by 15% to 25% in november. remember they cut the dividend in half when they announced they were buying wyeth earlier this year. >> i got to ask you. in this whole space, we talk about big pharma, talk about the big biotechs. it's always very exciting. how about generics? are they overvalued right now? that's the sector that is really taken off, all moving to the up side. are they too far in front of themselves? the growth is incredible. >> i don't make valuation calls but you guys all know tens of billions of dollars of brand name drugs are going off patent in the next few years. some might perceive that as a boon for the generic drug industry. analysts say there are too many generic drug companies out there. profit margins get skissed big time, prices come down like 90%. it is a consolidating sector. maybe you want to play it that way. >> talk about some things that could move thing
Aug 13, 2009 3:00pm EDT
into the interest of transparency on things like the pharma deal perhaps tomorrow but we appreciate you coming on. tamron, you can cut it a bunch of different ways. you cana the white house will eventually release these numbers, but there are a lot of things they promised they would release sooner that they haven't released yet. and so people who think, oh, the obama white house is doing everything they promised, not in the least. >> you touched on that big pharma deal that is said to have happened that the white house didn't give details. "the huffington post" is reporting they received an internal memo indicating there is some deal that was struck that we'll hear more about in the future. >> and also the part -- i think it was president obama who raised the bar. wasn't it president obama who said we're going to broadcast these negotiations on c span so everybody can see whose interests are where. no, that hasn't happened. >> we'll see what happens. just ahead, todays a "crossing the line." david, is it really fair to put a guy behind bars for yawning? yawning? yawning? we're going to explain wh
Aug 28, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. restaurants, retailers, pharma. they're weak today, and that's why the overall nasdaq is giving a little bit back today. take a look at dell, for example. earnings were ahead of expectations yesterday. baird raised the price target to 17 bucks, bmo bumped it up to 17 as well. baird raised it all the way up to 19. jpmorgan cites the gross margin surprise there and wonders whether it is sustainable. intel raised its revenue forecast up to 9 billion from 8.55 billion. marvell just blew away the expectations on the earnings number there. but take a look as i said there, the retailers because bb stores posted a second quarterly loss in a row, forecasted a loss for the current quarter as well. sears holdings is off today. biopharma stocks very weak today. amgen's off along with celgene and genzyme as well. definitely almost a 2 to 1 ratio of declining stocks to advancing ones. let's go down to the nymex and matt nesto. >> yeah, we did rise for a second day. but wow, what a battle. add 25 cents to the price of crude. we were up, we were down, we were sideways and finishing, yes, as i said, higher f
Aug 17, 2009 4:00pm EDT
you need exposure to health care, how do i do it? do i want to be in those large pharma companies, and who is best positioned in your view? >> well, i think the last point was obviously, you know, the most important point, and that is that at the end of the day it's all going to come down to fundamentals. our view is that whatever we see out of washington that the fundamental outlook for the major pharmaceutical companies, especially pfizer and merck, because they have done or are in the process of closing on major transactions, they have enormous earnings power due to the synergies and savings from those deals, and importantly very high visibility to those strong cash flows over the next several years, and they are trading at their historic low valuations with relatively high dividend yields. so those would be our two favorite stocks in the group. and that would hold whether we got health care reform or we did not get health care reform. and in either case, i do not expect that i would change my earnings forecast for either company for either of those outcomes in washington. >> s
Aug 22, 2009 1:00pm EDT
and big pharma means you'll be stuck paying higher drug prices. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. the all-new subaru legacy. bull market or bear, traders are always hungry for ideas. trading's all about strategy. and strategy's... all about information. heat mapping shows me where the money's moving. twenty-five hundred stocks... one quick glance. that's where the action is. look at this, pattern matcher. pattern matcher spots technical patterns automatically. it's like pattern radar. td ameritrade. built by traders, for traders. this is what i need. announcer: trade commission free for 30 days, plus get 100 dollars cash, when you open an account. >>> all right. time for the ticker. we go through the headlines so you don't have to. we invited friends to give us their take on the news. joining us, stephen and pat aenk of new york 1 news. the obama administration threatened 20 pu
Aug 22, 2009 8:00pm EDT
, that also have a big stake in reform or in stopping it. we're talking about big pharma, insurance companies, doctors, employers, and more ahead on "extreme challenges health care." hanes socks. (laughing) oh yeah! crash keep your family comfortable with better fitting socks at an unbeatable price. save money. live better. walmart. >>> it's your care we're talking about, our bill to pay, president obama's political and leadership challenge. he's been trying to drive home the message that the way things are the way prices keep rising and the way the system works now simply can't work much longer. >> our system really is not a health care system. it's more like a disease care system. we wait until people get sick and then we provide them care. >> whatever you call it here's how it works. how reform would change it and who's a stakeholder. according to numbers from the nonpartisan commonwealth fund 164 million americans have insurance through work. they would keep their coverage though companies could change their providers and plans the way they already do. premiums would likely stay the same.
Aug 23, 2009 1:00am EDT
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Aug 23, 2009 3:00pm EDT
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FOX News
Aug 10, 2009 8:00pm EDT
? >> by big pharma paid for her to have the drugs. that is the untold story here. >> guys, the bottom line with nationalized health care is the bottom line. that is what it costs. the drug to kill her in assisted suicide was $50. the drug to possibly keep her alive was $4,000. i say to you that is what national health care will be it will all be about the bottom line to. think that a human life is worth only $50 is a crime. bill: 64 years old. that's in the zone of you try to save them. if she is 84, out of here. out of here. >> oh, come on. you think we have to make that decision for somebody when they're 84? bill: i do think so? no. i'm telling you what the nationalized health care is going to do. >> the bottom line in this story is big bad farm that pharma had more compassion than oregon. bill: reality check leads with a vicious comment made about president obama and the possibility of the president being harmed. you are not going to believe what this guy said on nbc news. we will be right back with it as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. )%)%)%)%)%)%)
Aug 12, 2009 6:00pm EDT
? is it the money from big insurance? is it the money from big medical? is it pharma? what is it from north dakota to texas, in the heart of the country, the silver-haired belt, that these geezers are so nervous in buying into what i'm now going to call grassley garbage because that's exactly what it is. helping small businesses. gosh, that sounds awfully good. that's exactly what the public option and the exchange would do. it would give competition to the private sector because the private sector is running away with rates. ask yourself the question tonight, are you really happy with your insurance premium? i got a guy who's not happy with his insurance premium. we caught up with a small business owner who was in the ad that you just saw. joining me now is mike snyder. he is the owner of the sizzling skill let restaurant in nebraska. there isn't anything more american than the sizzlin' sk l skillet in nebraska. i appreciate you coming on the program. in that ad you said that your rates are going up 42%. is that true? >> that's correct, i got my notice right here in front of me. if you take this
Aug 14, 2009 10:00pm EDT
the deficit to give billions to big pharma. president clinton speaking to the net roots nation convention urging progressive bloggers and online activists to get behind health care reform mr. clinton saying, quote, no matter how low they drive support with misinformation, the minute the president signs the health care reform bill his approval will go up. secondly, within a year when all those bad things they say will happen don't happen and all the good things happen, approval will explode. they know they have no choice to --/ar chance to beat health care this time unless they can mortify with rigid fears some moderate, conservative democrats." we're looking at you kent conrad of north dakota. at a town hall yesterday he told about a hundred people he will not vote for any plan with a public option, a vital, perhaps the vital component to the president's plan. conrad, important at this stage of the game for his role on the finance committee working with ranking republican chuck grassley about whom more in a moment. meanwhile, another democrat from real america revealed just how committed
Aug 18, 2009 9:00pm EDT
that rahm emanuel and max baucus were trying to deal a public plan away to the ama, hospitals, pharma, in exchange for keeping the money out of republican coffers in 2010. so we said, look, we've got progressive members of the house who were elected by, you know, 20, 30 points, who live in very strong progressive stricts and president obama ran on this. and we want them to commit to vote against any bill that doesn't contain a public plan. and that means no co-ops and no triggers. and it's been a long slog and it looks like this all just happened in the past 24 hours, but it didn't. this was the result of thousands and thousands of people quietly calling their members, showing up at their events and in their offices, while the tea baggers were waving guns and screaming about birthers and death panels, progressive people who read our blogs, along with credo and democracy for america, showed up at these members' offices and said this is what we expect of you. so when they tried to throw the public plan under the bus, we were ready. they were ready. it was a grassroots movement to push t
Aug 25, 2009 2:00pm EDT
of pharma on august 6. then he said the white house had tracked negotiations throughout ascending to decisions to move away from ideas like the government negotiation of prices or the importation of cheaper drugs from canada, that $80 billion in savings would be over a two-year period. he said $80 billion is the max, no more, no less, adding other stuff changes the deal. that's by the head lobbyist. has been anybody here been invited to the white house for a deal lately? huh? here's the pharmaceutical companies who have done everything they could to block generic drugs to be on the market. apparently there won't be competition in medicare between drug companies to get you the lowest price and now the white house will adopt a policy of importing drugs from canada. that's the price of pharma. and reportedly they're spending $150 million in ads supporting, guess what? the democrat bill. so if that doesn't make you cynical, my friend, nothing will. we have got to take back our government from the special interests. >> hi, there, thank you, mr. mccain, you are the most patriotic person
Aug 1, 2009 3:30am EDT
as "big pharma." here's what big pharma got: no cost-cutting steps. no cheaper drugs to be imported from canada. no direct federal government negotiations with the pharmaceutical companies to lower medicare drug prices. and that's not all. the senate health committee is giving the biotech industry monopoly protection against competition from generic drugs for 12 years after those drugs go on the market. 12 years. that prompted the economist robert reich to throw up his hands in disgust and say that is "guaranteed to keep prices sky high." obviously, to the pharmaceutical industry "free market" means a cartel protected against competition. now, in washington you don't get something for nothing. it cost the drug industry plenty to buy that protection. so take a look at alan fram's story for the associated press. he reports that the industry spent more money on lobbying in the second quarter of this year than any other health care organization. so far this year, phrma has spent $13.1 million lobbying. one drug company alone, pfizer inc., went almost that high-- $11.7 million. here's what so
Aug 21, 2009 6:00am EDT
doors. what happened with pharma. why did the president give away. and that is really a ding russ moment right now in terms of his style of leadership. aside from the -- that talk about leaders being either head hodges or foxes. a head hodge someone who knows -- hedge hog, the fox knows many things. right now we of alreadying for a hedge hog. we want somebody who is a clear vision who can really work for change in very clear defined principled way. and that was obama's greatness. that's why he mobilized the country and he can't afford lose that. >> charlie: here is what i just heard you say. that this president is naive and that this president is doing things behind closed doors that the public doesn't know and that this president should be a hedge hog but he's a fox. >> he's becoming that. >> i think we want to be -- >> let me -- >> i promise you i was getting to you. i just wanted to set up something, key it up for you. >> i just want to offer a slightly different interpretation of the obama campaign. i think the genius was never that he actually believed i think in the idea that you
FOX News
Aug 24, 2009 5:30am EDT
from the private health insurance industry and big pharma. the reality behind this, there is 300 generic drugs being offered here for $10 apiece. if you have ever gotten prescription drugs in the past, you know there is not a whole lot of generic drugs that cost much more than $10 apiece. this is smoke and mirrors. it really doesn't add a whole lot to helping with health care. >> i don't know. i think if nothing else, it's getting people in the door. it's helping people. it's making them feel like somebody is looking out for them. look, all we hear about is how the pharmaceutical companies are robbing us left and right. wal-mart comes out and offers this plan. at the end of the day you do save money. they did have prior to this the generic pay $4. wal-mart has been trying all along to help people out. i actually think to jonathan's point, they are doing a pretty good job at it. terry: wal-mart care better than the white house prescription here? >> i don't think it's a question of wal-mart versus the white house or anything like that. i think it's a question, i'm saying that the f
FOX News
Aug 12, 2009 6:25pm EDT
desperately, whether it's the aarp or pharma, the drug industry, or the insurance companies. >> well, this was the problem with it from the beginning, i would argue. the reason he was able to bring these stakeholders and let's call them what they are -- special interests are to the table -- was because he wasn't specific. he wasn't saying which of these proposals that might drive them away from the table that he was actually going to embrace. now that he is being forced to do that, because these things are rap peering in legislation, it is making him nervous. there was an interesting aside that i think few people picked up on yesterday when the president talked about this deal that essentially the white house cut with the big pharmaceutical companies in which the pharmaceutical companies agreed to savings of $80 billion and the white house bout them to the table and essentially said we won't cut more. the president said yesterday in an aside, we may go beyond that, and i think that got people on chill, their ears perked up on capitol hill, and the pharmaceutical industry in washingto
FOX News
Aug 15, 2009 1:00am EDT
. several people have cut their special deals. for example, pharma cut a deal to not have lower drug prices. if the president wants to demonize the insurance companies, what is up with the drug companies? anyone who cuts a deal with them suddenly becomes a good guy and if you don't cut the deal and crawl into bed with the white house plan, then you will be left on the doorstep. it has become evident that this is old fashioned a chicago style politics. 91% of americans like the health care system we have. we need to get some legitimate forms. let's not throw thousands of pages at the american people. host: thank you for sharing your friday night with us. up next, is president obama losing control of the health care battle? dana perino goes on the record. america's newest comedy team, russia and -- rush and rove. (announcer) this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars... this is the world record for longevity and endurance. and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. this is the 9th generati
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Aug 21, 2009 1:00am EDT
does the 24 million come from? >> from the american medical association, a big pharma. greta: from the lobbyists. that is interesting, they're helping the government to do the pr campaign. >> right. critics look at this and say is this two coo cozy. allies of the president are paying this firm. this has been blessed by ethics investigators. the fees being paid off of this advertising is a separate issue. halliburton, you might remember that a vice president cheney is the former ceo of halliburton, a big construction defense contracting sort of firm. after the attack of 9/11, halliburton got a huge no bid contract. they built things for the federal government in iraq. just like david axelrod, this is a very similar number. $2 million that dick cheney was going to get in payouts that were owed because of his separation from the firm. just like axelrod, dick cheney said there was no connection between any of the federal money going to halliburton and the payments to mostly deferred compensation, that was due to him from halliburton. greta: there is no ethics problem here. >> there is
FOX News
Aug 21, 2009 10:00pm EDT
is behind these? >> of the american medical association, pharma, the trade association lobbying group for the drug companies. the service workers union and families usa. this organization has been in favor of health reform for a long time. these are groups that have banded together and they have the common purpose of supporting health reform. in general, it is to support president obama's health reform and to drum up support. >>greta: one of the places thats working with this is david axelrod's old company. >> he founded the company. they are his friends. he is featured on a website. greta: they did that to him. >> he was bought out for $2 million. he will be paid over a few years. he will get $350,000 on december 31st. his son works there as the research director. the former campaign manager of the obama campaign is a senior adviser for the company. he is featured on the main page with a placard behind him for obama. greta: that is a lot of money for advertisements. these special interest groups have a lot of interest. >> there will be hundreds of millions dollarof dollars spentn bot
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